Sustainability Report

The service includes consulting and sustainability report preparation, sustainability report review, sustainability report review, and correction to focus on the company's ability to carry out the business according to the defined goals and achieve sustainable success with the focus on enabling companies to enter the stock market.


Details of Service

1. Sustainability Report Preparation: Interviewing executives and employees, documents related to the company's business operations, collecting and analyzing data.

2. Presentation of the sustainability report to the management: Providing knowledge and understanding to the personnel involved and/or responsible for their operations.


Service Rates

** Depending on the structure size of each business



1. Consultancy on business operations to achieve organizational goals

2. Report


This service is suitable for


What the clients need to prepare

1. Companies to be listed on the stock exchange

1. The company will have directions and information in planning the operation for sustainable success in the future.
2. Help the company have a competitive advantage.
3. Provide a clear picture to the company to create the main economic impact on society and the environment.
4. The company will have a sustainability report that supports and discloses to stakeholders to better understand the company's overall business operations.

1. Cooperation from all parties on information for business planning
2. Prepare information about business operations and past results for use in interviews.


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2. Internal Control Assessment


Please contact

Ms. Kantima Humakorn 02-596-0500 ext. 327




• Business study associated with data collection and analysis.

• Discussions with Stakeholders and CAEs



• Perform auditing and consulting in the scope of

Risk, Control, and Governance.



• Delivering Internal Audit Excellence as Stakeholders Expect