System Development

The service includes the preparation of operating manuals for all processes/operating systems/departments of the company, reviewing and revising the operating manuals for a clear understanding of the roles, duties, and responsibilities as well as improving work processes to be standardized. The company will have a good internal control system with references and be able to perform tasks correctly and completely to support business growth and be a knowledge base to develop the readiness of the next generation of personnel to be continuous and efficient.


Details of Service

1. Preparation of Operation Manual: Study the company's current working characteristics, document information and/or packaged programs, and establish procedures for identifying the points of internal control that are adequate and appropriate. A training session will create an operating system that has an appropriate internal control system and provide the organization with a standard operating guideline.

2. Operating Manuals Review: Study and review the Company's operating manuals that are currently in use and analyze sufficiency according to good internal control guidelines and prepare a report of recommendations to be a guideline for considering and revising the operating manuals in line with the present and increase operational efficiency.

3. Operating Manual review and revision: Study and review the company's operating manuals that are currently in use and analyze adequacy according to internal control guidelines and make improvements to the operating manuals, taking into account the appropriateness and enhancing efficiency in the operation following the company's vision to increase the efficiency of the Company's operations.


Service Rates

** Depending on the structure size of each business



1. Manuals for all processes/work systems/work departments (item 1)

2. Report for improvement of the operating manual (item 2)


This service is suitable for


What the clients need to prepare

1. Companies to be listed on the stock exchange
2. Companies just started the business
3. Companies that have been in business for a long time but do not have any operating procedures

1. Having clear, standard operating procedures/guidelines.
2. Having a good internal control system to prevent leaks or misoperation leading to fraud effectively.

Documents of each process/work system/department used in the operation.


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