Internal Audit Service

Reduce the risks of corruption and errors in the working process

Add value and improvment to the operation in order to increase the effectiveness of company growth

Internal Audit (IA)

We provide assurance and advisory services with fairly and independently to add value and give recommendations to improve the operational process of your organization.

Internal control Assessment (IPO)

We provide reasonable assurance that your organization’s operations have adequate and sufficient internal control system to achieve organization’s purpose and goals with efficiency and effectiveness.

Risk Assessment (ERM)

To educate the management and employees about prevention and control of risks, that might occur during activities of the organization, from uncertainty of environmental factors both internal and external.

Fraud and Corruption (CAC)

Currently, the government and the private sector focus on anti-corruption including giving or receiving bribes.

IT Audit

Nowadays, information system has an important role to a business. It supports and has involved in every organization’s operation.

Quality Assurance Review (QAR)

According to the international standard of internal audit practices (Standard 1300) in the subject of “Quality Assurance and Improvement Program”

System development

This service, accounting system design and development, provide you a form, documents, code of conduct, internal control, data gathering, auditing, accounting record, and a report for management to use in assessment and decision making in an effective and efficient manner.

Business Development Services

Provides business consulting and reporting, business development manual review, business development review and amendment, and related manualsfor the purpose of achieving the company’s goal as well as for supportthe company to enter the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Special Audit Service

A service forassurance the clients of required work flow system or processes, such as revenue and expense cycle, specific project or inventory and warehouse management,that is according with the agreed objectives and scopes.