Salary Structure

The service covers wage and salary structure consulting and preparation, structure review, and improvement to focus on enabling the company to have a clear compensation structure, allow the company to control personnel expenses, and also focus on the company's entry into the stock market.


Details of Service

1. Wage and Salary Structure: Study the nature of the business to understand the organizational structure, policies, regulations by interviewing, asking relevant executives and employees, providing relevant information obtained from compensation surveys and job appraisals on salary structure, gather and analyze data to create a salary structure.

2. Presentation of salary structure to management.


Service Rates

** Depending on the structure size of each business



1. Consultancy on business operations to achieve organizational goals

2. Report


This service is suitable for


What the clients need to prepare

1. Companies to be listed on the stock exchange.
2. Companies that want to create a salary structure that is suitable for their business and labor market.

1. Having a clear salary structure and tools to review the value of jobs in different positions and also allows the organization to control personnel costs effectively.
2. Having a clear salary structure that can attract or motivate talented people to join the organization.
3. Having compensation information for use in negotiating with employees, unions and be able to point out payment policies and rules logically and reasonably.

1. Cooperation from all parties regarding the information in planning salary structures.
2. Prepare business operations information, including policy and HR information for interviews.


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Ms. Kantima Humakorn 02-596-0500 ext. 327




• Business study associated with data collection and analysis.

• Discussions with Stakeholders and CAEs



• Perform auditing and consulting in the scope of

Risk, Control, and Governance.



• Delivering Internal Audit Excellence as Stakeholders Expect