Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

This service provides knowledge, advice/recommendations on identifying risks and internal controls in preparing the organization's risk management plan.


Details of Service

1. Lectures for the organization personnel involved in risk management and providing advice/advice on risk and control issues during the lecture (1 day).

2. A workshop for personnel who prepare a risk management plan to receive advice/recommendations in preparing a risk management plan.

3. Consulting/recommending and participating in the study process/analyzing risk factors and internal control.


Service Rates

** Depending on the structure size of each business



Enterprise risk management plan


This service is suitable for


What the clients need to prepare

1. Company Limited
2. Company listed on the stock exchange

1. A tool for managing risks and potential impacts to an acceptable level.
2. The company's overall personnel are knowledgeable and aware of the risks in the work process.

1. Meeting to discuss or disseminate to employees in the organization about the objectives, cooperation, and benefits.
2. Collaboration from all parties in regards to risk assessment


Related services

1. Internal Audit

2. Internal Control Assessment


Please contact

Ms. Kantima Humakorn 02-596-0500 ext. 327




• Business study associated with data collection and analysis.

• Discussions with Stakeholders and CAEs



• Perform auditing and consulting in the scope of

Risk, Control, and Governance.



• Delivering Internal Audit Excellence as Stakeholders Expect