Business Development

The service covers consulting services and preparing business reports, reviewing business development manuals, reviewing and improving business development manuals to focus on the company's ability to carry out the business according to the defined goals. The service also focuses on enabling companies to enter the stock market by preparing various related manuals as follows: organizational structure, vision, mission, strategy, salary structure, job position structure, departmental structure, good corporate governance manual, business ethics manual, business continuity management plan, risk management manual, business plan, succession plan, authorization table, job description, performance indicator index.


Details of Service

1. Business Development Manual: Study the nature of business and operations of the company to analyze and evaluate the company's current operations, operational risks, as well as providing advice and preparing a business development manual that suits each organization.

2. Business Development Manual Review: Study and review the Company's current business development manual by analyzing it appropriately and taking into account the current situation, operational risks, and preparing a recommendation report for the company as a guideline for considering the improvement of the company's business development manual to increase the efficiency of the operations.

3. Business Development Manual Review and Revision: Study and review the company's current business development manual, analyze and take into account the current situation, operational risks, the suitability of operations, and in line with the company's vision to increase efficiency of the operations.


Service Rates

** Depending on the structure size of each business



1. Consultancy on business operations to achieve organizational goals

2. Report


This service is suitable for


What the clients need to prepare

1. Companies to be listed on the stock exchange
2. The companies starting the business

1. The company will have the business direction to be successful according to the defined goals.
2. A standard report for listing on the stock exchange.

3. Get advice on business operations.
1. Cooperation from all parties regarding the information for planning or formulating business strategies.
2. Prepare business information for use in interviews.


Related services

1. Internal Audit

2. Internal Control Assessment


Please contact

Ms. Kantima Humakorn 02-596-0500 ext. 327




• Business study associated with data collection and analysis.

• Discussions with Stakeholders and CAEs



• Perform auditing and consulting in the scope of

Risk, Control, and Governance.



• Delivering Internal Audit Excellence as Stakeholders Expect