About us


Dharmniti has been providing internal audit services for more than 20 years , starting in 1999 with Dharmniti Auditing Co., Ltd. In June 2016, Dharmniti Internal Audit Co., Ltd. Was established since then, the company has grown rapidly and now has more than 60 clients which are publish companies listed on the Stock Exchange (SET), it also has a number of other corporate clients preparing to be listed on the SET.

Dharmniti Auditing Co., Ltd. ‘s scope of business is as follow

Internal Audit Services: Internal audit as well as assessment and advice on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems, internal audit and internal audit consulting SET registration governance, internal audit system (as per SEC’s policy) , risk management , fraud and corruption as well as good corporate governance and quality assurance (QAR), the company is also equipped to provide IT audit support.

Accounting System Development and Business Development Service: Preparing business plan, code conduct, business continuity plan, organizational structure, salary structure, authorization metrix, key performance indicator, succession plan, preparation for International Standard Organization (ISO). The company can also provide accounting System Development Services including advice on the development and/or improvement of accounting and financial system, budgeting systems as well as consultancy on accounting, and financial reporting systems.