Internal control Assessment

We provide reasonable assurance that your organization’s operations have adequate and sufficient internal control system to achieve organization’s purpose and goals with efficiency and effectiveness.

Assessment on Internal control system is like having a health check. The management can be acknowledged of risk exposure that lead to appropriate solutions to reduce risk. The assessment may be performed on the overall picture of the organization or only some essential part. For the organization that has a plan to register in The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), assessment on internal control system is very crucial because it is considered as preparation and it is one of criteria required by The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). In the other word, if the organization’s operations have not enough internal control system the organization will be considered as incompetent to register in The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

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• Business study associated with data collection and analysis.

• Discussions with Stakeholders and CAEs



• Perform auditing and consulting in the scope of

Risk, Control, and Governance.



• Delivering Internal Audit Excellence as Stakeholders Expect